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Security Surveillance


Well-managed organizations will make risk management a primary goal for their executive team. But even the most well-crafted risk management strategies are not foolproof, as often latent risks, risks that remain hidden until they become problematic for the organization, that can do the most damage. A systematic assessment of an organization’s security will reveal discrepancies in both protocol and funding. Often adjustments in internal controls, employee centric threat assessment, and segregation of duties are where changes are most needed, rather than prohibitively expensive physical or digital countermeasures.

Our security assessment methodology is based on a comprehensive and objective evaluation of security-related operations, program capabilities, organization composition, staffing, resources, technologies, funding, and liaison.



Overextension of organization resources is a real concern in threat management. As anyone with internet access and a temper can make a threat against your organization, not all threats require action. But understanding the subtle cues that a distressed employee, infuriated customer, or radicalized activist might plan on turning words into action requires a deep knowledge of threat analysis. To reduce the risk of violence being leveraged against your company, a structure where oral, written, and in person threats can be analyzed must be put in place.



Families with high public visibility, whether due to wealth, fame, politics, or social causes, understand that visibility begets vulnerability. A discreet risk mitigation and protection program tailored to the family or individual's lifestyle is a necessity to any high profile client in this modern era.



A key priority for both current and future employees is knowing that they will be able to work in a safe and secure workplace. Mass casualty incidents continue to climb year over year, perpetrated by disgruntled employees, irate customers and domestic partners, leaving employers with an impetus upon them to go beyond the reactive steps of the past, and begin to take proactive countermeasures against workplace violence. Our team is a leader in such measures, specializing in implementing expert reviewed conduct policies, teaching executives the risks and warning signs of workplace violence, and crafting training sessions for all employees.



Any business, whether limited liability, incorporated, or anything in between, knows that one litigation can sink a company. An often overlooked method of limiting an organization's liability is a well crafted security plan, which mutually benefits both employee and employer.



We have a diverse team of investigators and our security professionals have backgrounds ranging from financial/fraud & electronic crime, employee/internal investigations, background investigations, threat cases to violent crime.  This includes areas of; complex fraud cases, tax-related investigations, cybercrime, employee misconduct, employee theft, social-media investigations, money-laundering, bank fraud, structuring, identify theft, insurance fraud, and investigative audits. Our investigators possess countless hours of experience testifying in both criminal and administrative matters.  This includes providing testimony in various legal proceedings in state and federal courts and mediation or arbitration hearings.

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